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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Timothy Marshall who was born in Arizona on December 20, 1975 and passed away on May 11, 2007 at the age of 31. We will remember him forever. 
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Tributes and Condolences
Missin you!!!!!   / Anna Culbertson (Baby Sis )
I just thought I would let you know I haven't forgot about you....how could I? :) I can't believe we are coming up on two years without you, the first year was a complete blur, and this past year I think we have all been trying to get our feet back p...  Continue >>
Tim, thinking of you   / Mary Dolores Guerra ((ex-tia))
I met Tim when he was a little boy, not even two years old. I was married to his Uncle Tom. I remember his sweet, sweet smile, his caring heart, and how he called me marylores. He was a good cousin to my boys, Thomas, Reuben and especially Javi, whom...  Continue >>
To Tim's Family   / Diane Wass (ex-stepmom)
My thoughts and prayers are with you today, the first birthday without Tim. It is so unbelievable and heartbreaking that such a fine young man is gone, but as long as you live so shall he be forever in your hearts and always in your memories. Continue >>
thanksgiving  / Natalie
Tim, I know you know we miss you but the holidays are extra hard. We all stick together and support each other as best we can. Everybody is having a lttle different experiance, but the hearache is the same. Matea is soooo beautififul, I know you'd be...  Continue >>
Paid ya visit today  / Mario Aguilar (ex cousin inlaw )    Read >>
thinking of you  / Natalie     Read >>
Just Hello and I'm sorry  / Mary Sanchez     Read >>
Tim, thinking of you  / Mary Dolores Guerra ((ex-tia))    Read >>
First Anniversry  / Diane Lopez (Mom)    Read >>
One year  / Molli Moll (Assistant)    Read >>
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His legacy
Tim's Testimonial Speech from his Rosary Service on 5-21-07  

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Tim's little sister, Anna Rose. I got to spend a lot of time with Tim living in the same house because of the fact that I'm the baby, and the fact that he was always moving back home after his latest adventure. Even after he moved out, he still came storming through the door multiple times a week. He didn't always want to live in the house though. I remember when he was a teenager, about 15, he wanted to move out so bad and have his own place, which was obviously impossible at that time. So instead, he nailed a comforter from the ceiling in his bedroom so it divided his small, little room into a living room and a bedroom. I should have known what a goof he was right then. Tim was known for making people laugh and doing the unpredictable.

He was such a great big brother when I was pregnant, he'd come over and we would get Taco Bell or order pizza. And he was the one that got my nursery all ready for me. He came out covered in spackle and had yelled and complained through it all, but he got it done for me. But one moment of my pregnancy really stands out. I was about 8 months pregnant and he and Natalie were visiting us at my mom's house. We were sitting on the couch and the baby was twisting and moving and kicking like crazy. I had my shirt folded up so my belly was out and you could see it shaking and trembling and jumping. Tim was so impressed by this that he wanted to put something on my belly to see how much it moved and if the baby could kick it off. Now most people would have grabbed a book or magazine or something near by, Tim scrambled around and came back with a Dorito and placed it on my stomach. Again, completely unpredictable.

Being a sister to Tim did have a downfall. Me and my sister could not go anywhere with Tim that guys could potentially approach us. Before we had a chance to turn the guy away politely and quietly, Tim would rush over, place his arms around us and say just enough to completely embarass the guy. But he couldn't help himself, he was so protective of his family. He was always just a phone call away and he'd be there for you.

When I had my son, Jason, he went to the hospital and held him for the first time. It was like they were instantly bonded. From then on he would always come over or be calling me asking where Baby J was. I remember him telling me one time, "I know I am bias, but I think he is the cutest baby ever!" 4 months later Matea was born and Tim and Jason bonded even more. Tim began training my 4 month old son how to protect Matea. A few weeks ago Tim was telling me that he was soooooo proud of Jason because on the playground at school, Matea was crying standing next to some other child. Jason crawled out of the tunnel he was in, walked over, shoved the kid, and then took Matea's hand and walked away. While Tim had a huge smile on his face, I explained that I would be sending him to the principles office to pick up J later in life. But I think that is why they were so close, they both had the same role as protector of Matea.  He worried about her and loved her so much. 

When matea was an infant she was super tiny and petite. He was so concerned because when she held her arms over her head, her hands couldn't reach. His conclusion was that she must be a midget. He was so excited the day her hands could finally touch. Tim had many concerns about her, he was already thinking about her as a teenager, and boys and dating. But a couple weeks ago I found out a big concern of his. We were sitting in the living room at my mom's watching Matea and Jason run back and forth from the front of the house to the back. It was during one of the trips through the living room that he got this worried look on his face, shook his head and said, "she runs like her mom." 
I know he couldn't have been too serious about this because he adored Natalie. I remember him struggling with the dating scene before Natalie. He would say, "why can't I just find a normal girl, somebody like my mom or sisters?" Since Tim is very close to his mom, when he went on his first date with Natalie, he went straight back to my mom's after and told her that he had just gone out with the girl he was going to marry.

I am so grateful that Tim gave me another sister with Natalie, and a precious neice and goddaughter with Matea, who we will continue to love and protect. I was blessed for 24 years by having the best big brother you could ask for. My heart breaks because I don't have one more day with him.

Tim, I love you and miss you and I promise to remind Jason often how loved by you he was. I know that if you were here now you wouldn't want us hurting. You'd say, smile, be strong, think of the memories, and when all else fails, dance.

And P.S. Tim, mom told me to tell you that if you borrow a measuring tape up there, please return it.

Tim was an amazing human being with the greatest ability to make people laugh. He had a contagious smile that affected anybody who came in contact with him. There are so many things Tim will be remembered for; his hilarious stories, his love and protectiveness for his family; and the business he built, but his greatest legacy will be his daughter. Tim was in awe of his baby girl Matea. She was his greatest joy and his biggest worry. Tim was the kind of person that would do anything for anybody. He loved going to the movies, dancing, his dog, concerts, the beach, naps and let's not forget Cheetos.  The memories we have of Tim help us to realize he truely lived everyday of his 31 years. He was loving, loyal, smart, spontaneous, creative, hard working, and everyone's best friend. His family was his heart and his friends were his brothers. He will undoubtably be missed every second of every day, but will be carried within us forever. As one of his best friends put it: "Tim is more alive than ever."

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